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Dear participant, please read the information text below carefully.

- The program is based on the local time in Turkey. Do not miss your session due to differences in hours please make your session compared to compare the hours and hours of Turkey.

- Please login to the system 15 minutes before your session starts.

- When you log into the system, you directly join the digital registration desk and waiting room.

- With the support of our technical team, you will be sent an invitation to go to your presentation hall. When you click the JOIN button in the invitation, you will go to the hall where you will present.

- While determining your name in Zoom, you must specify in front of your name in which hall you will be presenting. For example, if your name is Ayşe EKER and you are going to present in hall 2, edit your zoom name as H2-Ayşe EKER.

Presentations are limited to 10-12 minutes. For this reason, avoid giving only theoretical information about the book in your presentations and focus on the purpose, findings and conclusion part of your study.

In order not to delay the sessions and to keep the participants in the next session waiting, please make the presentation time (10-12 minutes)

Send care not to exceed.

- Regardless of the order of your presentation, you must be in the hall from the beginning to the end of the session and have your camera turned on (in exceptional cases, you can turn your camera off for a short time).

Please keep your microphone closed while listening to the presentations to avoid noise confusion.

- Since many foreign scientists attend our congress, be careful to make your presentations in English. If you are going to make your presentation in Turkish, please prepare your slides in two languages ​​(both Turkish and English Text on the same page).

- After the congress, your participation documents will be sent to you as PDF.

- Multinational congresses should be seen as one of the best opportunities to share the platform with new scientists, meet and work together in the future. For this reason, it is extremely important to actively participate in the sessions and interact with other participants. Particularly, if scientists from different countries can benefit from your studies and refer to your texts in future studies (citing references) will greatly contribute to your academic career process. For this reason, we recommend that you prepare your full texts in English.

- Please carefully read the explanations in the terms of the congress calendar and the broadcast alternatives section in order to avoid any problems / grievances during the publication process. Full texts that are not sent in due time cannot be published.

- After the electronic congress books are published, a copy of each is sent to the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Interior, universities of foreign participants and digital libraries. After this stage, since the book is recorded in many media and shared electronically by thousands of people, it becomes a printed work and no changes, additions / deletions can be made in the book. For this reason, check carefully before sending the final version of your work.

- The chairmen of the session, representing our organizing board, are fully authorized to initiate sessions, receive questions and answer questions and all matters related to the session.

Thank you for your valuable contributions to our congress.


-Our session chairs are fully authorized to manage the sessions on behalf of the organizing board.

- After entering the digital session hall, you can start the session by making a short session opening speech at the session start time.

- Although we recommend that you apply the presentation order in the program, you can change the order during the session if you see it necessary.

- 10-12 minutes is allocated for each presentation. It is important that our participants show sensitivity in terms of not exceeding the presentation periods. You can do the question and answer part after each presentation or at the end of the session.

- As the chairman of the session, you can contact us on any issue. We wish a good congress with your valuable contributions.

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